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We are the #1 driving school in Laplace, Lutcher and New Orleans East, providing hundreds of teens, adults, and families in the area with a complete driver's education. We have a full staff of experienced driver's education professionals - learn how to drive today!

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About James Keller Driving School

Spillway Safe Driving Academy’s owner, Gemyra Rockett, is a dedicated, state-certified instructor that has over 12 years of professional defensive safe driving experience in different states. She is a former Street Car operator, Bus Operator and Driver Safety President for Veolia (RTA) Transportation. Ms. Rockett also holds a CDL license and a state certified instructor license with ample driving experience. She obtained her Bachelors Degree in business and is currently enrolled in a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree and that will provide our students with the knowledge they need to drive smart and save money. Our state certified instructors brings tremendous experience to our team with their professional driving experience, knowledge, and leadership skills.

Our Mission

Spillway Safe Driving Academy’s (SSDA) mission is to provide high quality, convenient and   comprehensive driver education courses at the lowest cost. We are determined to reduce number of lives lost due to automobile crashes in Louisiana by providing students with the EDUCATION, SAFETY training, and real-world EXPERIENCE they need to become confident, responsible drivers. Our goal is to have graduates of our programs with the safest driving records of any other competitor in the southeast. For first-time drivers and experienced motorists, Spillway Safe Driving Academy has comprehensive driver’s ed courses available.We can also save you money on your car insurance. Contact us for details.

We offer Quality classes for the following students: 

14 years and 9 months old students will need the take the 38-hour Drivers Education class.
15 years old students can obtain your Permit from the Office of Motor Vehicle to drive with a 21-year old.
16 years old you can obtain an intermediate License to drive without an adult (restricted driving hours only) also you must complete the road skill test!
17 years old you will now need the 38 hour Driver’s Education class, in order to obtain your driver’s license.
18 and up Students can still take the 6 hour Pre-licensing Class but will now need 8 hours of driving courses in order to obtain your Adult driver License.


largeI pledge completely not to text and drive while operating a motor vehicle. I understand the danger associated with these actions and I will spread the word to my family and friends to help us put an end to this dangerous habit by driving safely.